The Lee County Fair Association, Inc. awards scholarships annually to qualifying high school seniors who are members of the Youth Fair Board.

Members of the Youth Fair Board are selected as Juniors and serve for two years, assisting with all aspects of the event. Responsibilities include: assisting with planning and implementation of the fair activities; providing input from the youth, and encouraging participation from Lee County youth. 

The Youth Fair Board members are selected from all three Lee County school districts. Upon completion of a two year term, they may qualify to receive scholarships ranging from $500-$2500. Members of the Youth Fair Board apply for appointment and are selected based upon leadership qualities and community involvement as well as academic and other school accomplishments.


The mission of the Lee County Fair Association, inc. is to support the youth of Lee County: rewarding their efforts, and building leadership for the future of Lee County through participation in this scholarship program.

As of 2016, over $225,000 has been awarded to the qualifying seniors through this worthwhile program.


Youth Fair Board Members are selling discounted Season Pass tickets at $25 each.

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