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Lee County Fair

Always the 3rd weekend of May

Check out our Event Schedule for all of our Fair Events!

May 16-18, 2024

Giddings VFD Fireman's Park,
2495 US-290, Giddings, TX 78942, USA

Photo Provided by
Frank Smith Photography

About Us...

The Lee County Fair Association, Inc., awards scholarships annually to qualifying high school seniors who are members of the Youth Fair Board.

Members of the Youth Fair Board are selected as Juniors and serve for two years, assisting with all aspects of the event. Responsibilities include: assisting with planning and implementation of the fair activities; providing input from the youth, and encouraging participation from Lee County youth. 

The Youth Fair Board members are selected from all three Lee County school districts. Upon completion of a two year term, they may qualify to receive scholarships to use toward their continuing education. Members of the Youth Fair Board apply for appointment and are selected based upon leadership qualities and community involvement as well as academic and other school accomplishments.
The mission of the Lee County Fair Association, Inc., is to support the young adults of Lee County, rewarding their efforts and building leadership for the future of Lee County through their participation as an active member of the organization.

As of 2023, we've been able to award more than $310,000 to an amazing group of young adults.

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Thursday, May 16th
Tejano Night - DJ Big Ant

DJ Big Ant photo

Friday, May 17th

Dos Borrachos

Dos Borrachos Band

Dos Borrachos is a natural extension of the fun times and wild stories that spun from Creager and Fowler's Mexico adventures. For those who don't speak Spanish, Dos Borrachos means "two drunks," a designation Kevin Fowler and Roger Creager proudly celebrate with their 2019 duet album of the same name. The veteran Texas country singers were longtime friends and associates prior to making their relationship professional. It all happened when Creager and Fowler found themselves in Mexico on a songwriter's retreats. They wound up in a bar with a bunch of their colleagues, all of whom would eventually wander away from the joint, leaving Fowler and Creager the last men standing. In the wee hours of the morning when the cook gave them tacos "para los dos borrachos," they knew they had their concept: it was time to make music for hard drinkers. Hiring producer Trent Willmon, the pair recorded Dos Borrachos, an album of drinking songs split between new tunes and classic!

Saturday, May 18th

Original Remnants & LC Rocks

Remnants Band

Original Remnants is a nine-piece horn band with a passion for music. The band is comprised of talented musicians who have come together to create a unique sound that audiences love. Their members include some from the Original Triumphs, Steve Wendtland, Billy Hafer, Kevin Peikert, Mick Barosh, Debra Gayle and introducing Steve Haygood, Vincent Garcia, Rollie Cardner, and Thomas Williamson. They believe that music is the universal language that can bring people together. That's why they play everything from Chicago to Lady A and pretty much every genre in between.

LC Rocks is known as Texas' Premier 80's Tribute Band. They authentically deliver decades of your favorite rock and roll hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Each member of the band is a veteran of the business and a professional musician. They are the only cover band that delivers authentic versions of rock's heaviest and most beloved tunes.

LC Rocks Band


May 16-18, 2024

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